Bee Course

Biannual Free Bee Course

Every year the Anderson County Beekeepers Association sponsors two free courses, a Fall Beginner Bee School and a Spring Field Day tailored for new beekeepers and the public to learn more about bees and beekeeping. These courses are not only a great opportunity to learn about beekeeping but to also share your thoughts or propose your questions to various experienced beekeepers.

The Beginner Bee School is a series of 3 classes held over consecutive weeks in the fall. Compared to the Field Day these classes are more informational with presentations on subjects like bee biology, life cycles, needed equipment, where to get and install bees, and much more.

The Field Day on the other hand is more interactive with demonstrations on topics like assembling hives, inspection procedures, and things you can make from hive products. As the Field Day is hosted at an apiary there are also opportunities to open up hives and get your eyes on some real examples of the stages of larvae development, queens, queen cells, as well as pollen and nectar storage.

Typically the Fall Beginner Bee School is held in November, and the Spring Field Day in early April. By the time you have both these courses under your belt, spring will be in full swing and it will be time to start your new hive!

Videos from 2020 Fall Beginning Beekeepers Course