Events 2021

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Events 2020

Note: Below is the 2020 record.

NOTICE 3/28/2020 (and 8/16/2020): We regret that All ACBA events are subject to delay/rescheduling due to COVID19 risks and per US and TN Guidelines to avoid non-essential gatherings. Please check back for updates, and take care!

Date Topic of Discussion Presenter(s) Location & Time
January 21 Planning Meeting Members Leiby’s in Oak Ridge, 6:30 PM
February 17 Prepping for Nectar Flow

Swarm Control

TBA- what it does (10 min)

Fred Sloop

AC Mann

Susan Dundore

Clinton Community Center

7-9 PM

February 29 TBA Meeting   Lebanon, TN 1 PM
March 16


TBA and Varroa Control **CANCELLED**

Field Day Prep (brief)

Howard Kerr Clinton Community Center


May 23 Field Day

**RESCHEDULED from April**

[Cathy L coordinator]

All Members Erin’s Meadow Herb Farm



Double Screen Board

Bee Suits and Gadgets

Joe Pyle

Cathy Lowden

Susan Dundore

Zoom Teleconference. Link will be sent to members. Others please email for link.

7-9 PM

May 18 Honey Extraction

Inspection Schedule

Q&A on What’s Going on In Hives

Teaser on Treatment

Darrel Craig

Don Sobczak


Rick Lowden

Zoom Teleconference

7-9 PM

June 15

Treatment Schedule for Varroa, (with Organic/Natural Management)

Compiling ACBA History (brief)

Rick Lowden

Kris Christen

Outdoors & by Zoom (see newsletter or email us for details)

7-9 PM


Anderson County Fair

**CANCELLED** by the county.

All Members Anderson County Fairgrounds
July 20 Bee Our Guest

Honey Soaked Dinner

Honey Infused Vodka

Andrea Souza            

Cathy Lowden

Maddie Hodge


7-9 PM

August 17 Skin Care Products Kris Christen (lotion bars, Anita Greenlee (lip balm), Carrie Hodge (soap)

Zoom Call – Please contact club if you would like to be sent the link.

7-9 PM

September TN Valley Fair (Cancelled) ACBA Representatives Chilhowee Park Knoxville, TN
September 21 State of the Bee Address Mike Studer

7-9 PM

Zoom Call – Please contact club if you would like to be sent the link.

October 26 Alternate Hive Types (long & flow)

Andrea Souza on Long Hive;

Chris Kinser on Long and Flow Hives


7-9 PM

November 16, 23, 30 (Mondays)

Beginner Beekeeping School for 2020. See Flyer

Multiple Speakers:

Beginning Beekeeping School Agenda

7-9 PM by Zoom
November 16

Elections (No Pot Luck Supper, Alas)



8-9 PM

December Christmas Party All Members TBD