Bee Course

Learn about keeping bees at our annual course

Every year, the Anderson County Beekeepers Association sponsors a free Short Course and Field Day for new beekeepers, and the public, to learn more about bees and beekeeping. We have these events in early spring so new beekeepers can attend just before the season to get new hives started.

The short course includes presentations about subjects such as bee biology, life cycle, pollination, forage plants, needed equipment and how to use it, where to get and install bees, and much more.

There are also multiple breaks for refreshments that allow the opportunity for people to ask questions and discuss beekeeping with various experienced beekeepers.

The field day is usually held at an ACBA member’s apiary. It includes demonstrations on how to assemble your woodenware.

Things you can make from your hive products.

Lighting your smoker.

The field day also includes the opportunity to open hives with experienced beekeepers in the apiary and get explaniations and examples on stages of larvae development, queens, queen cells, pollen and nectar storage, making splits, and much more.

We hope to see you at our next short course and field day!